A Global Challenge

Unmet Medical Need 
in Sepsis

Sepsis is one of the world’s most deadly medical conditions, affecting 49 million people and causing 11 million deaths every year, more than cancer! Sepsis is also one of the most expensive medical conditions.

Annually, sepsis treatments cost the U.S. healthcare system alone over 40 billion dollars*, more than any other condition. Prompt sepsis detection is imperative as early diagnosis and swift treatment not only dramatically increase patient survival but also lessen the financial strain on healthcare systems.

For over 50 years, blood culture has remained the diagnostic gold standard for bloodstream infections like sepsis. However, it is slow, lacks sensitivity, and relies heavily on the volume and timing of the sample. While molecular technologies have transformed many aspects of clinical microbiology, they are yet to offer a viable alternative to blood cultures.

Why Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis Matters

8.8M Lives Potentially Saved Every Year

80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented by rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment

57% Increased Chance of Survival

Risk of death increases +7,6% every hour without proper treatment

EUR 560M Potential Healthcare Cost Savings Per Year

In Germany, based on reduced hospital stays

Antimicrobial Resistance

Rapid diagnosis limits the misuse of broadband antibiotics

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