Our Story

Our Team

At Cellectric, we believe that assigning a project to people of different backgrounds will result in the best possible outcome. To approach our product from as many angles as possible, we have put great care in selecting a diverse and international team of highly motivated scientists, engineers and administrators.

To use the synergies that arise from different cultural backgrounds to maximum effect, we employ a number of special measures ranging from social events, personal coaching & supervision and group events accompanied by external consultants specializing in organization building.

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The initial idea and proof-of-principle of our novel strategy for sample preparation toward accelerating sepsis diagnosis was awarded with the Falling Walls Young Innovator Award in 2013. The bio-electrodynamic technology concept received a Young Investigator Award at the 2015 World Congress on Electroporation. Technology maturation was enabled through internal financing by Austria’s largest research institute, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, securing patents for several further applications of the technology.

The translation of research toward prototype development was funded by the FFG Spin-off Fellowship and the aws PreSeed program. Current funding is secured via the FFG Basisprogramm and aws Seedfinancing along with private equity investments lead by xista science ventures. In 2021, Cellectric had its business plan awarded in the annual i2B competition and won the Austrian Phönix Gründerpreis. With sepsis as our first business case, Cellectric aims to become the world leader in electrodynamic applications for biotechnology and bioelectric medicine.

Our Vision

To Energize Electrome-Based Healthcare and Save Lives

Our Mission

To Empower Faster Precision Medicine with our Electromagnetic Cell Manipulation Technology

Our Goals

Change Attitudes – new technology so compelling its adoption is embraced

Resolve Complexity – automating manual processes and enabling selectivity

Deliver Sustainability – unlimited possibilities for new applications

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