The Software of Life

What is the Electrome?

This intricate electrical landscape, vital to our health, is increasingly termed the ‘electrome’.

Technology leads the groundbreaking revolutions in life sciences. Strives in sequencing lead to the advent of the genome age. Advancements in mass spectroscopy & molecular biology allowed metabolomics to enter everyday life. Our advances in electrodynamic cell manipulation will lay the ground for the next revolution in life sciences, the electrome.

At Cellectric, we believe that understanding the electrome is key to pioneering groundbreaking research and supercharging solutions to some of healthcare’s most intractable challenges. By accurately measuring, decoding, and potentially modulating the electrome at the cellular level, we unlock unprecedented opportunities to better diagnose disease, enhance health and save lives.

Cells are Fluent in Electrical Charges – Let’s Speak Their Language

In contrast to chemical or other physical methods used in cell biology, electrodynamics has an immediate mode of action with unparalleled sensitivity. As with the “genome,” the “proteome”, the “microbiome”, we believe understanding of the “electrome” is set to transform our understanding of human health and the way we treat disease.

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