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Empowering Faster Precision Medicine with Electromagnetic Cell Manipulation Technology

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We are fearless, value-driven pioneers energizing a new era of electrome-based healthcare with our proprietary electromagnetic cell manipulation technology.

Cellectric is a seed-stage biotech startup developing a platform for automated cell manipulation. We use electric fields to solve persisting challenges in routine life science applications.

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What We Offer

Our beachhead application helps clinical and commercial healthcare partners save patient lives and reduce operating costs with our electromagnetic sample preparation platform that enables fast, automated, selective analyte detection in complex human samples.

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Accelerated Diagnosis

Enhanced Precision

Seamless Integration

Trusted Patent Portfolio

Areas Transformed by the Electrome

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Cell Isolation

Destroy and remove unwanted cell population from a complex mixture

Molecular Transport

Electrodynamic cell manipulation excels at cargo delivery to live cells

Cell Sorting

Digital cell sorting without aerosols

Non-denaturing Cell Lysis

Ideal for automated, mass-spectrometry sample preparation

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