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Cellectric is a preseed stage biotech company developing a platform for automated cell manipulation. As our first vertical, we solve a persisting challenge in sepsis diagnosis that empowers diagnostic companies to accelerate their existing workflows up to 10-fold. Our unfair advantage is based on a patented, dielectric filter technology that enables binary cell selection in a flow-through device. We are currently raising seed funding to leverage validation studies with key players in the field to help them gain or increase traction in a 5.1bn USD market.

The Cellectric Solution

Using the unique functionalities of our technology, we develop solutions to key painpoints in candidate markets identified through discussions with customers and market leaders. Developments are funded via private equity (VC) and public non-dilutives. Our solutions are monetized by selling consumables to B2B customers as a manufacturing company, using an ingredient branding approach to market our components.

Company Snapshot

Cellectric is spinoff from the Austrian Institute of Technology based in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2021, we have since accumulated around 4M EUR in funding from various sources that have enabled us to demonstrate technological validity with 95% of sepsis-causing pathogens. With 16 employees, Cellectric is heavily engaged in prototype optimization and technological validation with key players in the sepsis space.

Target Markets

Blood culture: 5.1bn USD (CAGR 8.3%)

In-vitro diagnosis: 117,8bn USD (CAGR 3.3%)

Immunology: 91bn USD (CAGR 8.0%)

Cell&gene therapy: 4bn USD (CAGR 14.6%)

R&D tools: 144bn USD (CAGR 10.8%)

Seeking Investment

Cellectric is currently raising a seed financing round to wrap up our first vertical in sepsis diagnosis. Proceeds will fund the demonstration of clinical performance and validation of our technology with diagnostic devices already provided by key market players. Leveraging a series of government grants, this stage includes the acquisition of key talent in the areas of manufacturing and business development. These additions allow us to launch development of a second vertical starting 2024.

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