Seeing Cellectrically

Electrodynamic Cell Manipulation

Electrodynamic cell manipulation is to interact and manipulate the electrophysical fingerprint of cells. In over 10 years of academic research, our studies of cells exposed to electrodynamic fields have revealed unprecedented phenomena that form the basis of our vision for the future of life sciences. Our approach leads to surprising, highly reproducible, and unique cellular responses with unmatched cell selectivity.

This selectivity is a consequence of pure electromagnetic interactions with biology. It makes use of what we at Cellectric call the “Electrome.” Much like how studying the genome and the proteome have brought new understandings of the body, we believe that understanding the cell’s complex bioelectrical network can bring revolutionary new insights and applications to life.

The platform differs from competing technologies in its purely physical mode of action. No current is passed through the sample itself, meaning that only cells you wish to manipulate are affected, a landmark step for many disciplines. In contrast to chemical or other physical methods used in life science, electromagnetic cell manipulation works in a flow-through manner, has an immediate mode of action and easily integrates with existing technologies to empower their capabilities.

Technical Applications

Exposing cells to electric fields has great potential for a wide range of applications. Why are these prospects not reflected in the way we practice life sciences today? We believe it is because electricity and biology don’t speak the same language. Seeing Cellectrically changes that.

  • Disrupt unwanted cells
  • Transfer molecules in- or out of cells
  • Influence the way cells divide and differentiate

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Our Innovation

Why the electrome is hidden

When you apply an electric field to a liquid, it encounters electrical current. When electrons enter the liquid, the concise message provided by the electric field dissipates in the form of electrochemical reactions and heat. In other words, the cell receives mixed messages from electric-, ionic- and displacement currents.


Speaking the language of cells

Our technology translates electrical signals to cellular suspensions by redesigning their way of transmission. We insulate metal electrodes with a patented, dielectric material that filters out electric- and ionic currents. Our electrical signal algorithms speak the concise language of displacement currents, so that cells are subjected to pure electrodynamic field effects.

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