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Electromagnetic cell manipulation
Fast. Automated. Selective.

cellectric cartridge

The Cell

The cell is at the centre of current and future biological science. Future trends in gene therapy and green tech require novel technologies to unlock their full potential. The combination of electrodynamics and biotechnology perfectly complements the requirements of emerging industries when it comes to efficient analysis and manipulation of biological cells.

cellectric cartridge

CellEctric Cartridge

CellEctric is the next evolutionary step in mammalian cell manipulation. The technology allows the continuous processing of cell suspensions while selectively permeabilizing or disintegrating targeted subsets by electromagnetic manipulation. The competitive advantage is based on the exclusion of unspecific interference by a patented dielectric filter technology along the electrodes. It allows for pure electrodynamics without electrochemistry. This enables the high selectivity and specificity of our fully automated and customizable sample preparation platform.

Our novel approach has resulted in several high impact, peer reviewed publications and a patent portfolio including isolation of viable bacteria or leukocytes from whole blood, specific tumor cell disruption from complex samples, small molecule transfer in living cells, digital cell sorting and even the purely field-mediated transfection of mammalian cells. This traction has sparked early interests from several renowned companies in the areas of biotechnology, diagnostics, and therapy.

Our past year was spent intensively looking at where our technology can have the greatest impact. To that end, we've been talking to users from a wide variety of professional fields. One topic that was repeatedly standing out in these conversations has now become our first use case: sepsis diagnosis.