Facts about Sepsis

Finding the needle in the haystack 

Sepsis affects 49 million people and causes 11 million deaths every year worldwide. It is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. In other words, it’s your body’s overactive and toxic response to an infection.

Like strokes or heart attacks, sepsis is a medical emergency that requires rapid diagnosis and treatment. The good news: it is a severe but treatable condition given proper and timely diagnosis. But this precisely is where current technologies fall short. Why? Fast and reliable pathogen identification from a patient’s blood sample remains an extreme challenge due to the vast amount of human background. This is where CellEctric comes in. 

The importance of faster infection diagnosis


faster time to infection diagnosis

Medium duration of blood culture diagnosis 37.5 hrs


Lives potentially saved every year

80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented by rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment


Increased chance of survival

Risk of death increases +7,6% every hour without proper treatment


Potential health care cost savings in EUR per year (GER)

Due to reduction of hospital stay