Sepsis Diagnosis

Sample Complexity

For over 50 years, blood culture has remained the diagnostic gold standard for bloodstream infections like sepsis. However, it is slow, lacks sensitivity, and relies heavily on the volume and timing of the sample. While molecular technologies have transformed many aspects of clinical microbiology, they are yet to offer a viable alternative to blood cultures.

Fast and reliable pathogen identification from a patient’s blood sample remains an extreme challenge due to the vast amount of human background.

Our Solution

Pathogen Isolation

This ‘needle-in-haystack’ problem is what we at Cellectric Biosciences are trying to solve.

We set fire to the hay bale, leaving just the needle for immediate analysis – seeing Cellectrically, acting selectively.

Our technology works by exposing blood samples to a rapidly oscillating electric current. By tuning the strength and frequency, unwanted targets in the blood sample can be destroyed.

With Cellectric, clinicians will draw the regular 10ml of blood and feed it into a cartridge that is loaded into our device. Within 20 minutes, most of the white and red blood cells contained will be destroyed, however the bacteria of concern will be untouched and concentrated to a smaller volume.

The Device

A Perfect Fit

This greatly accelerates subsequent growth detection, allowing clinicians to rapidly make clinical decisions.

And unlike with other technologies, you will have no need to either purchase new, or dispose of old equipment for pathogen analysis. Samples grown after being processed using Cellectric technology can quickly and easily be transferred into current analytical tools, including mass spectrometry.

Our platform has also been designed with logistics in mind. Gone will be the era of storing large culture bottles for multiple days – just a small volume is needed for a fraction of the time, freeing up both bench and storage space.



Our electrodynamic cell manipulation technology is energizing a new paradigm of fast, accurate sepsis diagnosis

10x Faster Time to Infection Diagnosis

Using existing, growth-based techniques previously incompatible with blood samples

Full Automation

A fully automated and customizable sample preparation platform that integrates easily into existing lab workflows

Patent Protected

Patented dielectric filter technology nullifies background along the electrodes, ensuring unadulterated electrodynamics devoid of electrochemical elements

Downstream Agnostic

Our sample output is compatible with any growth-based pathogen detection technology and improves sample purity of positive samples for downstream analysis

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