Vienna, 27. February, 2024 – Cellectric has closed a contract with Bondi Consult, securing the life sciences start-up 1,800 square meters of space in TwentyOne Vienna, the city’s new business area bordering Siemensstraße. Februrary 2025 is the expected handover date.

The rental agreement, which was formalized at the start of February, includes office, laboratory and storage space, with negotiations conducted by Cellectric’s two managing directors, Terje Wimberger and Klemens Wassermann and Bondi’s Anton Bondi de Antoni and Christoph Nemetschke.

Chiara Kummer served as Bondi Consult’s broker for the deal and legal assistance was provided by Brandl Talos represented by Adrian Zuschmann and Klaus Winhofer.

Terje Wimberger, Managing Director Cellectric said “we are so excited to be moving into our new Facilities at TwentyOne. The sheer size of the space means we can fit all of the R&D space we need as we expand, including a biosafety level 2 labspace, a region for mammalian cell culture, 100 square meters of engineering and prototyping space, as well as room for manufacturing and assembly. All this will add to our ever-growing momentum and serve our needs for at least the next 10 years – Cellectric is here to stay!”

Anton Bondi de Antoni added: “We are very happy about our new tenant Cellectric! TwentyOne is rapidly establishing itself as a research location. With our decision to focus on the life science sector, we have met the needs of the Viennese market and can also offer additional laboratory space.”


About Cellectric

Founded in 2021 as a spin-off from the Austrian Institute of Technology, Cellectric has developed a new way of manipulating cell-containing media using state-of-the-art dielectric materials to induce highly targeted electrodynamic effects, allowing for selective permeabilization or destruction of specific target cells in a complex sample.

Cellectric is initially looking to apply its technology in sepsis and sepsis-adjacent indications, where its platform can be used to rapidly isolate and identify bacteria, hastening the pace at which diagnoses can be made. Beyond these initial showcase indications, the company plans to apply its platform to the isolation of leukocytes from human whole blood, from which a plethora of advanced therapy-related steps can be improved and simplified.

About Bondi Consult

Bondi Consult is an Austrian real-estate trustee and consulting firm that has been in operation for almost 25 years. Its team works with clients to ensure their often complex needs are met prior to a building’s completion.

Bondi’s focus in on the support of projects from initial review to handover to asset management, with it also providing assistance during construction. Bondi also works with banks and project operators to support non-operational properties.

About TwentyOne

TwentyOne Vienna is the latest of the city’s flagship developments. Bordering Siemensstraße, TwentyOne hopes to be a future-oriented development that merges both living and working environments in a digitally connected, resource-friendly manner.

In total, TwentyOne will feature a total of 6 hubs; Innovation, Service, Central, Student, Office and Hotel. Diverse in architectural style, these hubs will offer a variety of facilities, giving tenants maximum flexibility to choose a space that fits their needs.

Bondi Consult has already sold the Service Hub, and was involved in the Innovation Hub’s successful implementation.