Cellectric is honored to share our recent accolade as the “Rising Star” in the spin-off category at the EY Scale-up Award 2023, a distinction that celebrates our pioneering work at the intersection of electrodynamics and biology. This recognition underscores our dedication to simplifying complex biological samples, thereby enhancing diagnostics, therapy, and research. Our achievement amid over 250 contenders reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Adding to our list of accomplishments, Dr. Salomé Gutiérrez, our Head of Research and Development, contributed her insights during the panel discussion titled “Spin-offs and Science-based Entrepreneurship.” Dr. Gutiérrez’s participation underscored our leadership in driving forward science-based entrepreneurship and our vision for the future of biotechnology. Cellectric’s recognition as “Rising Star” and our active engagement in thought leadership at such forums highlight our journey towards pioneering advancements in healthcare and our role in the global scientific community.

Further reading: https://www.ey.com/de_at/start-ups/oesterreichs-scale-up-des-jahres-2023-ausgezeichnet