We are CellEctric

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Our Mission

CellEctric is building the bridge between electrodynamics and biology. We believe that electrodynamic cell manipulation will make routine life science applications faster, easier, and more precise.

By combining cutting-edge developments in material science, electrical engineering, and biotechnology, CellEctric is committed to shaping a better, healthier future for all.

Founded in early 2021, we are currently developing a platform that transforms complex samples into simple, single-population solutions. Our current showcase is the isolation of viable bacteria from human samples toward greatly accelerated sepsis diagnosis. The future pipeline is filled with proof-of-concept applications such as the isolation of leukocytes from human whole-blood, toward a customizable platform that separates increasingly similar mammalian cell populations at high throughput.

Fast, automated, and selective.


Our Journey

The initial idea and proof-of-principle of our novel strategy for sample preparation toward accelerating sepsis diagnosis was awarded with the Falling Walls Young Innovator Award in 2013. The bio-electrodynamic technology concept received a Young Investigator Award at the 2015 World Congress on Electroporation. Technology maturation was enabled through internal financing by Austria’s biggest research institute, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, securing patents for several further applications of the technology.

The translation of research toward prototype development was funded by the FFG Spin-off Fellowship and the AWS PreSeed program. Current funding is secured via the FFG Basisprogramm and AWS Seedfinancing along with private equity investments lead by IST Cube. In 2021, CellEctric had its business plan awarded in the annual i2B competition and won the Austrian Phönix Gründerpreis. With sepsis as a first business case, CellEctric aims to become the world leader in electrodynamic applications for biotechnology and bioelectric medicine.


Come and meet the CellEctric team.

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Klemens Wassermann PhD CellEctric Managing Director

Klemens Wassermann PhD

Managing director, Co-founder

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Terje Wimberger PhD CellEctric Managing Director

Terje Wimberger PhD

Managing director, Co-founder

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Julia Dolezel MSc CellEctric

Julia Dolezel MSc

Culture & Lab Management

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Michael Hollerer PhD CellEctric

Michael Hollerer PhD

Engineering & Development

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Dorothea Pittrich PhD

Dorothea Pittrich PhD

Cell- & Microbiology

artist messeservice-team-willi-voss-01Tiago Marques MSc CellEctric Engineering

Tiago Marques MSc


Salomé Gutiérrez Ramos PhD

Microfluidics & Separation

Esra Cihan MSc

Lab technician

Vivien Juhász MSc

QM/ISO trainee

Veronika Berényi

Admin & accounting

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